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 Registration Fee

A non-refundable registration fee of $30.00 is due to reserve a space for class lessons. 


Please read the following POLICY.  At the end of this page is an AGREEMENT.   A Student will be registered only after the agreement is signed,  dated,  and returned with a DOWN PAYMENT CHECK.

Down Payment

The lessons cost  $75.00 per month. The cost will not adjust for months with more or less than 4 weeks.  (see Lesson Calendar)   At the teacher’s discretion,  there will be two mini-recitals.  This year you will pay for 32 lessons.  The DOWN PAYMENT CHECK is $75.00 for the first month's tuition  PLUS the cost  of THE MUSIC MANUAL and  REGISTRATION FEE.

Tuition Payments

In addition to the DOWN PAYMENT,  a tuition fee of $75.00 must be paid on the first of each month until the course has been paid in full.

Length of Course

Piano classes generally follow the school calendar for the Northside School District .  Classes begin in September and end in May.  Special Classes may be offered in the summer months.  New Classes   may begin on the first of any month,  if space is available. 

Piano Class Information

Piano classes are small.  Each student has the use of an electronic piano.  Pianos can play “silently” or “aloud” for group ensemble playing.  Piano classes are 45-minutes long.  Piano classes prove that children enjoy learning in a fun,  relaxed piano class atmosphere.  Friendships develop, and the joy of sharing music is experienced.  Students progress more rapidly in a stress- free piano class environment.  Students are grouped according to age and ability.  Parents are always welcome to visit at any time! 


Students studying MENEHUNE MUSIC through LEVEL X are taught a stimulating, thorough, and graduated course written during the past twenty years by Mayron Cole.  This piano method is now marketed nationally and is this country’s leading group piano method!  Each Level (except MENEHUNE MUSIC) has approximately 200 pages of original music,  recital solo,  practice sheets,   rhythm exercises,  theory fun sheets,  music history and favorite classics.  The cost of each level’s music is added to your bill when the music is issued.  Bonus or seasonal music is also extra and will be added to your bill when issued.

Forgotten Music

I expect each student to be responsible to bring their music to class.  Searching for extra copies of the “forgotten” music takes away time from the other class members.  Discipline is a large part of  learning to play music.



All students are required to play the week’s music assignment once a day until the next lesson.   Parents must accept their responsibility in seeing that the student does the required practicing. 

Missed Lessons

No Tuition credits or make-up lessons are given.  Parents should come to the Studio and Pick-Up the music assigned that day if a student must miss a class.


I have found that formal recitals create tremendous stress on the piano student.  To eliminate this problem,  we have class recitals that are held during the student's piano class time on the last lesson in December and the last lesson in May.  These recitals are fun and casual as the students play in ensemble some of the music they have learned that semester.  Students may play a solo during the class recital,  but are NOT required to do so.  Parents are invited.   Seating is limited.

Attitude of the Student

I intend to offer the best course in music education available anywhere.  A great positive attitude is AN ABSOLUTE MUST FOR EVERY STUDENT.  The"GIFT OF MUSIC" is too precious a  gift to be shared in any other way.   

Transfer Students

Generally, I do not accept transfer students.  Transfer students who have been taught with only private piano lessons have been found to have a difficult time “keeping up” with the group piano classes.  Even though I prefer not to accept a transfer student, I will make an exception in some instances.

Late Payment Penalty

A LATE PAYMENT PENALTY is added to any account that is due on the first of the month,  but not received by the tenth of the month.  Failure to remit the late payment penalty and the current tuition payment before the 30th of the month may necessitate in missed classes.



ü     I have read the policies of SANDY CAIN’S PIANO STUDIO.  I understand the policies, and I will abide by them.


ü     If,  for any reason,  the student quits the course before completion,  I agree to pay through the end of the month in which the student terminates.


ü     I agree to pay tuition payments promptly.


Ø      Signed:___________________________________Date:_______________

                    (person responsible for tuition payment)


I agree to practice the assigned music once a until the next piano class.


Ø     Signed:_____________________________Date:________________

                                 (student’s signature)


I will  create a stress-free environment for your child.


Ø     Signed:__________________________________Date:________________

                                    Sandy Cain, President